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"Jane Blackstone's appealing voice, subtle improvising and solid sense of swing at all tempoes makes her a new jazz singer well worth watching. She is heard in inspired form throughout her excellent CD Natural Habitat/nyc ." SCOTT YANOW, Editor of The All Music Guide to Jazz

"New Yorker Jane Blackstone strikes me as an accomplished technician... Blessed with superb control and a boisterous musicality " CHRIS LOUDON, Jazz Times Magazine


released May 1, 2004

Sir Roland Hanna Steve Johns Ratzo Harris Jamey Haddad Tino Derado Bob Mover, Sam Burtis



all rights reserved


Jane Blackstone New York, New York

Jane Blackstone

"This latest CD project was first and foremost an attempt at bringing together people who had touched my life. These people happen to be great musicians! And to make the music that had been on my mind and in my heart and that I felt finally, I was ready to sing and arrange."

Blackstone holds a Masters Degree in Music Education from New York University-lives in NYC.
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Track Name: Where You At
Where you at?
Where's your natural habitat?
where you at I wanna go there

Where's that place?
which direction should I face?
Where's that place, I wanna go there

Track Name: The Rainbow I See In Your Eyes
Here are just some of the lyrics:

Finding the words, for the thoughts I'm keeping
is not a simple affair
Visions of birds that fly way up high
Oceans of blue, reflecting the sky
are relatively easy for me to describe next
to the rainbow I see in your eyes...

Angels are calling, come on out to play
Rainbows are falling before me today
and I'm longing to say
that I truly believe, I'm in love with you
I know it sounds hard to believe

for surely if action speaks louder than words
I know it seems foolish an sometimes absurd
but it's all in the way of finding the words for the
rainbow I see in your eyes

I see it
I see it- I see it
Track Name: Mystics
Mystics @Ju-Bop Music -All rights reserved

Iris and I we were both pretty high when the thought crossed our minds that we're mystics !
Next day real straight, we got up pretty late, and we said to ourselves
that's logistics-
We both can play great, we envisioned our fate and our music transcends
all linguistics:

Cause we're mystics - seein what we have to see
Mystics, seein what we don't wanna see
Mystics: Seeing what we need to be......

Seein it all through a clear crystal ball doesn't help
when the pain starts to hurtin-
Like when your lover says he only for you
but you know that he'll soon start to flirtin

So stay out real late- yeah the music sounds great -
Don't go home -find a date
cause you know your fate ,
Track Name: The Human Touch
No one seems to care as much
No time to smile, laugh or cry as much
Have we lost the touch that means so much
Have we lost the human touch

No one wants to be alone
To walk or talk and sleep and weep alone
Have we lost the touch that does so much
Have we lost the human touch

Touch me now and let me know
Hold me tight so I can go
Through this misery unafraid
And really knowin' what life is all about

No one wants to live alone
Who wants to smile, laugh or cry alone
Have we lost the touch that means so much
Have we lost the human touch
Yes, yes, yes ( I'm just askin...)
Track Name: Room For Everybody
Check My Website www.janeblackstone.com
Track Name: Once 4U
( see www.janeblackstone.com)